Digital Humanities & Online Culture

Cyborg in the Badlands

For the first week, we read from the first and second sections (“Defining” and “Theorizing the Digital Humanities,” respectively) of Debates in the Digital Humanities, a collection of essays discussing the field of digital humanities. Having had no previous experience with the field, I was excited to learn that the digital humanities are a methodological field that utilizes technology to enhance and further research in the humanities. I was intrigued by the conclusion of the first piece in the book, by Matthew Kirschenbaum.

“Whatever else it might be, then, the digital humanities today is about a scholarship (and a pedagogy) that is publicly visible in ways to which we are generally unaccustomed, a scholarship and pedagogy that are bound up with infrastructure in ways that are deeper and more explicit than we are generally accustomed to, a scholarship and pedagogy that are collaborative and depend on networks of people…

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